I have many Quaker Babies of all ages, and color mutations. Some Weaned, Some still being fed, and some soon to be pulled. Great Breed lines, and Beautiful Babies. I have some babies I will be selling around two-three week old to Experienced hand feeders ONLY!( Due to unexpected circumstances) Some will be Dark Eyed Whites, Dark Eyed Blue Opaline, (Which parents were : Male= Visual Dark Eyed Yellow split to Blue, and the Female is Blue Opaline split to Dark Eyed Yellow, and many more visual and splits. Please contact me for more information. I do Have the Siblings from their last Clutch of Dark Eyed Yellow. (Still on 2 feedings a day.) I will also have Greens, Blues, and other colors with splits also. Please call for more information. Serious inquires ONLY! I am located at 8, if you would like to map the distance. I do not ship un weaned babies, but you are welcome to pick them up. Special once in a life time prices. I attached, just a few pictures of what they look like, when they are older. Thank you much!