Price: $2

State: Florida
City: Middleburg
Zip code: 32068
Type: Animals

I have been Blessed with many Beautiful different colors of Quaker Parrot Babies, in the last year. I have 11 Quaker babies ranging from 9 weeks old to over 10 weeks old. They were hand fed at a very young age. I feed mine a variety of pellets, mixed seed with vegs., and fruits, millet, Red apples, blueberry muffins, cheerios, and a variety of good healthy food. I haven't clipped their wings, because I had 2 different breeders up North that was interested. I do not ship, but I am willing to meet you within the Jacksonville area...if needed. I want to sell my babies only to someone that is willing to take Great care of them, and have an interest in the many different Beautiful colors they now...come in. As I was cleaning their cages, and watching them bathe, I was thinking of sharing these Beautiful colors at a price someone who has always wanted these color mutations,, could afford. Feel free to search these colors, and see what they normally sell for. Please do research on these Beautiful parrots, to see what wonderful characteristics they have.
Quakers are active, inquisitive, mischievous, intelligent, playful, and engaging parrots. Their antics are a constant delight to their owners. They are completely devoted, bonding closely with their human owners. Purchasing a handfed, well-socialized baby is a good way to obtain a parrot with great pet potential, although with love and patience, most parrots can become great pets. Quakers are exceptionally hardy birds. They can live to be 25 to 30 years of age. Please call for more details on the colors, and split colors they carry. I do not want to separate these babies, so I am looking for someone interested in adding to their flock of friendly friends. .00 for all 11 babies. They are closed band, I did not DNA them, but I have thier date of birth, parents name and colors, and what ever information you would like to ask. Please call (904) 282- for more information. Serious inquires only. Price is Firm, and no trades interested.
Thanks for Looking!